Glen Davis Boutique Hotel
Glen Davis Boutique Hotel Line
“The Glen Davis Hotel provides a tantalising snapshot of the growth of our nation and survives as testament to the vision, dedication and tenacity of its owners.”

A Part of Australian History

The Glen Davis Hotel was built in 1939 to the lavish standards of the day and was said to be the ‘finest hotel west of the Blue Mountains.’

Being built to service the thriving Oil Shale Mine & Refinery in Glen Davis, the Hotel provided accommodation for visiting dignitaries and officials. The attached Pub became the meeting place for local miners & refinery operators.

After the mine closed in 1952 the town became a ghost town and the Hotel became a Marist retreat till the mid 1960’s.

After a brief stint as a holiday farm and bistro, the Hotel lay derelict and vandalised for 10 years until husband and wife team, Adam & Alison, single-handedly took on its complete restoration.

"It's been a total gruelling labour of love but we feel privileged to have had the opportunity to restore one of Australia's most majestic properties" 

Glen Davis Boutique Hotel Line